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December 13, 2005



I haven't used it yet, because its a christmas present, but I think that Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater patterns might be helpful. I am certainly looking forward to inventing some new jumpers in the New Year!


Deborah Newton's book is just terrific. but for quick, Ann Budd's is the thing...


Not sweater related but I hold you - and your commenters - personally responsible for a new addiction - SNOOD! OMG! I am hooked! Bad Mary! :)


I'm sniggering at the "crack house" bit. Glad to see that you were multi tasking too, creating as well as working. I've got Amanda Griffith's 1000 Sweaters which shows you the ropes (I have to admit that I haven't put any of it into practice yet)


Either Ann Budd's book, because it's very useful for basic sweater patterns, leaving you free to get on with the detail, or Maggie Righetti's book "Sweater design in Plain English". Hope this is of some help!


I was once at a ww meeting and someone from aa turned up, we couldn't get rid of him, he just wouldn;t believe we weren't alcoholics, I think the alchohol had addled his brain.

There are loads of knitting design books out there. The knitters handy pattern books are ok but basic (I'm using that book for the yoke on my Suzette). Righetti's knitting design is great, but might have too much detail, knitting in the old way, knitting from the top are all good. If you want to borrow any let me know.


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