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December 06, 2005



What a deceptive photo, i thought that was a stole rather than a scarf, did a double take! I think you're being very optimistic about finishing the socks (especially as you have a children's christmas to arrange - urgh! toy shopping!)



The scarf looks great! I love the colors :O)


The scarf is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Good luck with your Christmas knitting. I'm considering postponing Christmas so I'll have time to finish mine, but I don't think anyone will go for it.


Whew - can you do my shopping to? I haven't even thought about it! Spooky!


Hey! That looks great! Your Sugar Maple looks different than mine did--yours has more green. I think I like yours better. :)

Eva Shiu

Beautiful scarf ! The colour is gorgerous !


You are not alone on the chocolate calendar front. I used to buy them for my kids (despite disapproving of them) because I could never find any of the 'traditional' type, until a few years ago when my son was discovered to have eaten the whole lot in one go. That motivated me enough to make a huge effort, in which I finally found the 'surprise picture type' and now we re-use it every year. (My kids hate me, and spend the last 2 weeks of November pleading their cause - I do not care, and ignore them completely, and I feel so much better for it!) Also in our household, Santa only gives what will fit in the (fairly small) stockings, and never ever leaves presents under the tree - these always come from friends and family - at least I had the sense to institute that one from the word go ...

Glad to hear you've sorted out your curly whirly dilemma anyway


Crikey we have three chocolate advent calenders in our house...one is Neil's! I was always happy with a glittery design of some Christmas scene when I was a child, not pictures of flying chocolate bars. How they can stuff chocolate in their mouths before breakfast is beyond me too....was that me saying that? Gosh I sound like my mother ;)
Keep up the Christmas knitting, you're putting me to shame. I love the Sugar maple scarf.


I wonder if I could do that scarf? I also have a skein of Celestial Merino bought at get-knitted - I tried it for socks but there isn't enough. Was going to try a Koigu pattern with it. At least it isn't KSH!


I don't like the chocolate advent calendars either. I had decided not to get any this year and was looking around for something not too childish for our two boys. Unfortunately Peter stole a march on me and when I asked him to get some shopping he came back with two chocolate calendars! When I was a child we re-used a particularly nice calendar every year. I still have it and bring it out as part of the Christmas decorations!


Well I was a deprived child and make up for it now with new toys and puzzles for myself each year, and I'm going on xx years.......AND I always have a choccy advent calender too. Have to admit though, they really aren't that great. The chocolate is never that nice.

Stick to your guns. I'd be really really strict.

Did you have to mention Calmer bed socks....now I want some too...

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