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December 08, 2005



Well done you - the moment I saw that design I thought of you - honest! Did you get those same colours? I do rather like them.


Does that mean all those buses are out of service now? What a shame! I'm liking Tubey a lot.

Mary deB

Aw, I never got my ride on the 159. But I think on some of the "touristy" routes you can still ride an old routemaster bus.
Here's to the coming solstice, and more light!
Mary de B


Bah to christmas knitting, anyway, you need a little something too! I have to admit to being tempted by this one ever since I saw it. Go on push me over the edge, get knitting, you know the effect your modelling has on me ;)


What yarn are you using? The design is really appealing.....just waiting to be knitted!


I love Tubey too. Maybe I'll get some yarn for it in January if I can afford it after my vacation.

I got to ride on a double-decker the one time I was in London...the routes were far more confusing for me than the Tube so it was a one-time thing.


Tubey is definitely my favourite from the new Knitty. And its really a perfect time to make yourself a little Christmas present!!!


Tubey is definitely a winner. It's time to treat yourself to something new.

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