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November 28, 2005



What a lovely hat! :)


that sock yarn looks familiar! lucky you, i can't even settle to small things at the moment. I've not thought about mixing ASC with other yarns, a great idea, and I must also look again at Loop-d-loop!



Great use of your leftovers! And I love that hat.


My head never fits in anything they suggest either, call us big brained!
Bring on the cold weather, you're ready now.


big brained - i like that! count me in! love the hat - i've been meaning to try that pattern myself (and possibly even the corrugated v-neck).

absolutely LOVE the all seasons cotton / sock yarn combos! both mittens and wrist warmers look fab.


Wow! I am impressed at how MANY small things you have finished. I love the hat and aren't wristwarmers fabulous on the bike?


I love the corrogated toque!


Nice to see pics are back again! The fingerless gloves are fab - they are DEFINITELY on my next to do list. Well, for 5 mins at least....

You've been really sensible and actually picked quick knits (apart from the sock of course!) that are easy & quick to finish. Unfortunately I didn't & so have a variety of half finished gloves/flip top mittens as I've had to do tons of pattern adjusting and just got bored. As you do...


that hat is lovely! you finish your bits and pieces so quickly! good luck in the 3 week dash...!

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