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November 17, 2005


Eva Shiu

Hi ! Sorry to hear your ankle injured. I experienced same thing last week. So, I can imagine how pain you are now. Get well soon !


One thing after another! who said ER II was the only one who ever had an annus horribilis?
Bet you can't wait for 2006!
If my camera failed, I'd do a lot of knitting (so that I had loads of new photos when it was repaired) and go looking for links to entertain us with. You know, new pattern links, funny blogs, knitalongs.
Thank you.



You'll be fine, just describe, we'll imagine and in 3 weeks you can astound us all with the pictures ;)
Now go put some peas on that ankle.


Ooh, I hope your ankle is okay. I've never sprained anything, but I understand it to be...well...uncomfortable. Happy knitting, and I look forward to the photos in the future.


Was this before or after we parted at Vauxhall? Crepe bandage, that's the thing! Foot up, lots of knitting. We can see all of your productions later......


Nah, it's not bad. I would be looking forward to the knitting time too. Hope you heal quick!


Sorry to hear about your ankle - I am off sick today with a cold and have been making the most of my knitting and blogging time - definitely not wrong to be happy about it!


Your last sentence did make me laugh!

Lordy, if my digicam died I'd HAVE to get another one. If I didn't already have another 2 at home already that is (but 1 is an underwater one though ;)

My DH sprained his ankle on Monday and came home with a very puffed up and sore ankle. Must be something going around then....

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