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November 14, 2005



Ouch! A sting in the tale! You slipped that in very neatly.
I suppose you can re-use the wrist bit...


Have been thinking of you the past few days - hope things are picking up a little for you. I am off to check out that book link now - know someone I might just send it to as a surprise....:) Take care


I watched Walk Away and I Stumble too...love the Kate Bush music they're playing with it (I had to put it on when the program finished so i could listen to it the whole way through) Think of the right handed mitten as a spare for when she loses the next one...but tell her if she must lose one it has to be her right ;)


The title killed it for me. We watched a sci-fi thriller instead, right up my street.
I agree with Tracy - knit a third mitten and keep the right handed one for spare. Maybe next time do generic ones, that can be worn on either hand, thumbs straight out at the side.
Bad news about the camera - leave it a few days then have a look, it will probably be something simple.



I am very impressed that you can finish a pair of mittens in a day and do all that other stuff. Hope that the left hand mitten is done in a flash!
Thank you for the comment on my blog. Look forward to pictures of your Here & There when your camera revives itself!


Hope you're camera gets resurrected soon. I'd love to see a pic of the mittens. Like the idea of combining ASC with other stuff. Especially after my recent fun and games with it.

I've finally had to give in and carry on with the 2nd of my convertible mittens - only because I need the needles for socks! Pleased to say I remembered to knit a left handed one though. Must admit, sounds like just the sort of thing I'd do....


Hi Mary,

Winnie from SYNO swap here. I popped into Nona's blog and noticed that you were interested in the Herringbone Gloves too. I made some progress on it and if you need help with it (or still interested) just shoot me an email and I'll gladly help you out.

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