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November 23, 2005



Lovely, lovely photos, Mary. Thanks!
Hope your ankle's feeling better.


gorgeous photos Mary. I take it that your ankle is better! I love this season, and all of the autumnal colours (though it's late this year, isn't it?). It makes me want to knit with russets and reds!



wow- how pretty! Glad you brought bread for the ducks- we feed ours bread every time we run out of corn for them!
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Poor ducks! I quite like this crispy coldness and it looks very pretty all frosty out there. Good reason to wrap up in lots of handknitted fluffiness.


Snow in London? Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, London has a special place in my heart. The man on the horse looks so mysterious.


What lovely photographs. They really capture the strange quality of the light on a cold winter's day.


Mary, what beautiful photo's. And, snow in London...Kristine may not agree, but if it snows while we are there for Christmas that would be divine. See you very soon!


Lovely photos - they make me feel quite homesick (in the best possible way). I used to love those misty, wintery cold days.

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