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November 09, 2005



Ah, sweet pea, the human heart can only take so much, ya know? Please take care of yoursef as you go through this.
I send you many, many hugs,


Glad things are looking a little more positive. And thats another book I'm trying not to be tempted by :)


Love that sock colour, wonder if I have it? I'm off to the flat tonight and all of tomorrow. computerless. digital boxless but loads of stash. Looking forward to it. I do hope that things sort out for you, I've not been blog reading much these past few weeks, and must have missed that post. One of the hazards of blogging, how much to let the www know.



i recently bought that book as well, but have not yet knit anything from it. You know why? If you do, please let me know, because i have no idea. The good thing is that when you are ready, the patterns will still be there, no rush.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you.



ooo, thanks for the book tip! sounds like a great one!

good luck with everything - glad to see you are starting to feel more positive.


Who needs narrow socks anyway? You were testing the colour and that's the most important thing. Thanks for pointing me towards yet another sock book....I'm trying to save for Christmas, so it'll have to go on my list. Can I wait that long, you made it sound too good. Keep smiling.

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