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October 24, 2005



Gorgeous stashbusters!! I'm going to have to do that with my leftovers.


I agree with the figure 8 being harder than Kitchner! I'm only on my first pair of toe-up socks though, so maybe I'll get better at it one day!

Lovely stashbusters!


That's such a good idea for leftover sock yarn!
I also find figure of 8 cast-on to be tricky, but I love the fact that you can try on as you go.... With my son's socks at the moment, I really needed that as his feet are so much wider than I estimated!!


yes, I think you can make it to 10. It's amazing how quickly you finish them. This has been a fairly socky year for me, so I'm bull-ish on sock goals. ;-)


One of the nicest toe up heels is the eclectic heel. you knit about an inch on half the sts (sole) then do short rows similar to turning the heel, no wrapping and picking up sts. I usually allow an inch for the rectangle, then an inch for the heel.
PS the vintage sock book is brill!

Purly Whites

You should try the Turkish Cast-on. It's so easy for toe-up socks. There is a tutotiral here:



If you make it to 10 pairs of socks this year, you should celebrate by inviting around 9 friends, sitting in a circle and taking a picture of all the socks in one place, Socktoberfest stylie.

Either that or you could imbibe copius quantities of alcohol and chocolate. Either way is good ;)

I've only recently finished my first pair of socks, so there will be no asking folks around for a sock photo-shoot,However, the large quanties of alcohol and chocolate is still a distinct possibility.

The stash busting hat is fab btw. I'd better not let the b/f see that one. He's been on at me for ages to make him a hat from sock yarn.

C x


Cool socks. I've just finished another pair but a lot smaller than those! I point blank refuse to knit for my DH, I mean, I could have 2 pairs of socks for his 1. Luckily, he's never asked....

I don't like toe-up either or magic loop. Top down does it for me every time ;)


Toe up is the ONLY way to go. ;) I made one pair cuff down, the next toe up, and then never looked back. I do a short row toe (and heel though I have done the gusset/flap heel too) using a provisional cast on (crochet chain).

I already commented (#1) but had to come back and take another peek at those socks. I love them!! Maybe I won't even wait for stashbusting. Maybe I'll take a full ball of Regia Jacquard and "pretend" I'm using up remnants. I love how it stretches out the pattern.


i need to peruse those stashbusting suggestions. with the spiral socks, is there a special trick to making sure you've got enough for a pair?

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