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October 04, 2005



Fascinating webcam (even if the only thing moving is a flying insect). I will be watching it during the day I think.
I've just cast off Clapotis (hurray!) which was a commuting project, but very cumbersome these past few days. Karaoke does not drop stitches easily!



Just wanted to say hi. I have your syno scarf on the go! I hope to have it in the mail in a week or two!!


it is all your fault i have been sitting here staring at a computer screen for the last half hour.

ps. booked my flights to london...how's the man hunting going ;-)


my knit-on-the-way-to-work time has also been drastically curtailed since i started biking instead of walking.

now off to watch animals!


I've just spent twenty minutes watching a water-hole at night......brings back lots of memories of being in Africa, I could sit and watch the animals for ever......

Be careful on that bicycle - as a motorist (sometimes) I always give cyclists a very wide berth as they sometimes do such daft things, though I am sure you don't, hope you wear a hard hat!


I got all excited then thinking I had 2 elephants to watch until the technical difficulties bit came up telling me the webcam was down. Maybe we knitters made too much noise with our needles and frightened them all away ;)


Sorry I don't have time to watch the African animals webcam. I'm too busy trying to figure out how one might ride a bike and knit at the same time.


Interesting stuff - thanks for the link. Take care on those south London streets on your bike. They are dangerous. You are a brave woman!

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