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October 18, 2005



I think I'm downscaling too, in comparison with previous years, and laceweight is so much easier to carry. Your swift looks great - have you used it yet? Are the children bemused by it? (or trying to spin or swing from it?)



You know, I was coveting that swift from Handweaver's Studios too, but decided to be sensible and not give in to temptation. ;-)

Now of course I wish I'd given in after all, in particular as I have several skeins lying around here, waiting to be wound into balls. It's such a pain to do without a swift.

Love your other purchases too - the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn... hmmmm!


Thanks for the support on sleepovers. I let mine have the occasional one here but, like you, I enforce bedtime as I'd much rather wake up to children than monsters.

Looks like you did Ally Pally incredibly well and thoroughly!


We fight over my wool winding. They all want a go. One of these days the swift is going to rotate so fast we will have a helicoptor motion going on and there will be reports of missing children, possibly a husband, lost somewhere over Dorset. When I went to Touch just after you, they had no more laceweight left (or that's what she told me anyway....was she fobbing me off or did you have more than you're letting on ;))


lovely, lovely, lovely! i should really come over next year!

congrats on the swift - i just got one last week and it's fantastic!


I still don't know the difference between a swift and a niddy noddy. Does one make skeins into balls and one make spools into skeins? Ah well... yours looks great fun.


Wow I didn't know umbrella swifts were so large! And snap - I spy the Clover double ended stitch holders. Don't Clover make the best accessories?

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