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October 19, 2005



I'm thinking of using my scraps for socks for my little niece and nephew. Well that's the plan anyway, at the moment they look like your picture. What about fingers for gloves? There might not be enough for a whole glove, but match the palm with a sock colour and see what happens. You could do fingerless mitts in much the same way, maybe cast on with the left over yarn and then use something else for the hand.


I have done toddler sized mittens from left-over sock yarn, and larger ones using a plain colour for rib and sometimes thumb as well - I put the thub stitches on a spare piece of yarn and wait to the end to se how much yarn I have left...... I have also done toddler-sized socks, and have done a Peruvian style hat, Web of Wool has a good pattern with ear flaps etc.


The free child's sock pattern on Angel Yarn's Opal page and the free mitten patterns on Southern Cross knitting are both excellent for using up sock yarn!


http://www.menknit.net/mag/MK1.pdf - entrelac sock weight socks on page 16 or go to

and scroll down! loads of socks, I'm sure you'll find some.

Or you could go the route horst schulz and knit yourself a multi coloured jumper.

Doesn't sock yarn look gorgeous?!


I solved that problem for me - 2 socks on 2 circs ....so much better - when finished I have 2 socks! Yay!

You could always make a magic ball Cowl - chop up all the yarn in odd lengths (I know - scrilege) and join them up all higgeldy piggeldy (have you ever written that word down? )and then knit up a Cowl on a Circular (doesn't Chick knits have a nice Cowl pattern) - then you can keep your extremity warm in Lush Yarns - very colourful and yummy. Such a good idea I might go and do the same for me!


I've also got lots of left-over sock yarn. I wondered about doing domino squares and trying to be clever about the colours, i.e. shading them from dark to light, or red to blue or whatever. Whether I will ever actually find time to do this is another matter! I did see a picture somewhere of a tank top someone had done like this and it was actually very nice but I don't think it would suit me!


baby socks are perfect for using up those left over sock odds and ends.

btw - felt quite relieved looking at your sock yarn stash! it certainly rivals mine and i am also a sock knitting failure. ohhh these women who churn out a pair of socks in no time - how i long to have your skill. i think i started my current pair of plain opal socks in june!


I love how organized your stash looks, very impressive. Do you also keep a list of things?
Dolls clothes are also a good way of using up left over bits. Little girls love them, there is also a ton of stuff that can be made for doll houses. I have given two tension swatches to my daughters doll house and they are now a rug and a bedspread. Should I ever swatch Birch, that could then be used as a curtain!
Then there are cat toys. I have stocked up on the catnip but never got round to knit some toys.
My daughter has also started to hand knit - a good way to have stash used up!

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