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October 14, 2005



What a great time! Love the pics.

Did you pick up some sock yarn for Socktoberfest? :)


it was fun wasn't it? I love that poetry sweater, it was my attempt to pose as if it was actually on me.


I had lunch on the coach in the end just as he was parking it! Needed more space in the back pack ;) I forgot all about the Koigu dagnabit but then I think I'd run out of hands by the end of the day. Lovely to see you again too.


Hope the cake was tasty!
It seems that we were all tempted by the same things (well apart from that large item which you bought).

I've started knitting with the new stash already!



So this what all the knitting people get up to down there, I am deeply jealous as Glasgow is not a patch on your photos....
(and you all have great taste!)


A friend and I went over from Paris to the show, it was well worth the long day. I too loved Touch, Alchemy, also Karluund, Habu. So many great ideas, so little time to knit!! A shame there weren't more laceweight yarns, altho we were able to order through Jameisons (great system, no postage, no carrying it around all day). We'll be back next year.


Yes? My precioussssss? what's did you buy my precioussssss?


Oh dear, I did look delighted, didn't I? If only they had had the right colours. It was a lot of fun...

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