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September 23, 2005



The Scarf is looking good, I like the tweedy oranges, purples and pinks? in the yarn.

Looking forward to seeing what you choose to work on next.


It's turning out really beautiful! :-)

The yarn is 65% wool, 35% acrylic, but I know what you mean about the cottony feel ...


Hi Mary, the scarf looks great. I've got the Scarf Style book on order as I'm in a definite scarfy mood at the moment - something to do with the seasons I think! Thanks for your comment on my blog! By the way, I love the name of your blog. It conjures up visions of a very large building filled with mountains of woolly stash!


Weird isn't it?
I've got 6 things on the needles (and only one is a sock) adn I'm still not satisfied! Hoping also to stash enhance tomorrow. I'll be bringing the sock and the shawl book as well. Plus karoaka from sw trading co. maybe that will inspire.


That looks like a lovely squishy scarf. Texture is something I want to do alot more of I think!


i've also ordered a here and there cables scarf for my swap...and after seeing yours i am very excited! it looks absolutely gorgeous.


Perhaps you'll be able to stock up at Ally Pally?


Did your little bit of shopping at the weekend count as stash enhancement? 'Fess up and tell us what you bought.


What a beautiful scarf, and I love the colour as well!

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