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September 13, 2005



See I knew you could...I had every faith.


Phew! That was close! If you're anything like me, mine are still sitting at work waiting to be psted. I managed to lose them over the weekend, after spending weeks looking at them on the table.



i LOVE those socks!!! i just love handknitted socks.


i'm on about the same schedule... just got to post the socks (they are taking FOREVER to dry), now pressing on with the SYNO scarf.


I've just finished a sock in the Fibretrends Angel's Rest pattern - fairly stretchy lace - but still not really big enough, 64 sts. on 2.25, Hipknits cashmere. Very hard to increase stitches, as it is an 8 stitch pattern. Did the Conwy ones turn out bigger than the Koigu ones? Might have to give them a go! I am going to do sock nO.2 on 2.50mm needles......

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