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September 06, 2005



Those sock bunnies are gorgeous! They make me smile.


I love the sock bunnies, but I am drooling over the cloak pin!


Great gifts - love the sock bunnies. Those secret pal exchanges certainly look like a lot of fun!


Really lovely gifts from your Secret Pal - the cloak pin's amazing!


Lovely packages - please elaborate what are the two other things in your SP parcel? I've identified a bookmark but what is the glass globe(?) thing to the right of the photo and the round thing with what appears to be a picture of a ball of yarn inside - to the front of the photo near the sock bunnies leg? I'm intrigued and curious.


what lovely presents all round (especially the cloak pin).

Now that the rush is nearly over and school has started, things might ease off for you a bit (more knitting time)


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