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September 19, 2005



Ooooh, New colours - I like it! Loved the childhood post - think that was the one I enjoyed the most doing too - really takes you back doesn't it. How many lollies did we get for 50cents back then? :)


Lots of memories for me there too (and I didn't know you were a fellow kiwi) and lots of things I had forgotten about. Born and bred in Ponsonby - before it was trendy and before the motorway, so we had quick and easy access to Shelly Beach at the bottom of our street - I am still bare footed and remember Roman sandals. Chocolate fish, Whitakers scorched peanut bars and buzz bars! Thanks for all the lovely links as well. Really enjoyed this post.

Carol Wessel

I enjoyed hearing your memories - made me sigh though.


Ooo.. Mary goes autumnal. Very nice.


oh no I feel another homesickness attack coming on...the waves of nostalgia!
Taking those roman sandals of and burning your feet on the asphalt, aniseed balls, (2 for 1c)I grew up in Mt Eden, we had monkey apple wars, karaka berry wars, got sunburnt and Mum covered us in calamine to stop the itching, the crazy half-paved road to Piha...

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