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August 24, 2005



Oh, Mary! I'm still working on your socks and I hope that by the time I send them you'll have got everything sorted.

Thinking of you, your Sock Pal


oh no! i am so sorry. i hope things work out alright.


Hi mary,
So sorry to hear about the flooding, hopefully things will start to dry asap.


Oh dear, that sounds awful... Hope it all dries out soon!



oh mary! so sorry to hear everything is sodden - how horrid. hope your eyes, and your home, dry soon.


Oh no Mary! I am so sorry. I flooded my apartment once so I know what you are going through. It is so horrible! Warm, dry, and kind thoughts are being sent your way!


Commiserations from one who truly knows how horrible an experience it is! I still need wellies in my office and the smell is horrible!

I suggest you escape to Liberty's tomorrow so we can drown our sorrows!!


Oh god! I've done this once, chris has done it twice (last time a policeman nearly broke down the door at 5.30am!).
It might not be as bad as you think. I know that carpets dry out without too much damage (just take a long time) and your wool will dry out - don't throw it away. It might need rinsing. If you can bear heating your flat up, that might speed things up (and hairdryers). You can spread out your albums and books - they might be wrinkled but might be ok. I hope downstaris is insured! they can claim on their insurance (that's what ours did with the ceiling that fell down!)
Take care, just shout if you need anything!



Oh Mary I am so sorry. I am thinking of you having to clean it all up.


Oh Mary I am so sorry. I am thinking of you having to clean it all up.


PS To dry things out - hire one or two of those special de-humidifiers (industrial strength) ones made especially for situations just like yours. They work brilliantly and are well worth the rental cost. Experience talking here I am afraid!

Sarah HB

Oh my! I hope things dry out quickly in damp London!


Oh Mary I so sympathise. My son managed to flood our house a few years ago, awakening from a heavy night out he decided to run a bath and then forget all about it and go back to sleep! I came home from work to a warped kitchen ceiling and soggy carpets.


How awful. You poor thing. Yvonne's right,the wol will dry.
Hope things seem less dire in the morning.


A horrible thing to happen. The carpets will dry but you must replace any underlay as that will NEVER completely dry out and your home will get a musty smell somewhat akin to a wet dog!!! A good carpet cleaning company should be able to suck most of the water out of the carpet, dry it and re-lay on new underlay. (Worked for many years in property rentals so have seen this disaster a number of times!)


Poor you, that's horrible, I'm really sorry. I hope you manage to salvage your bits. We were flooded at our old house and the insurance company installed dehumidifiers which stayed on for 24 hours a day over three weeks. That did the trick, not pleasant I know, but keep smiling, it'll soon pass. You'll be able to claim for any damage though won't you, you know contents and things? Thinking of you anyway.


Oh, that is really horrible, and i hope it dries fast, and your tears as well.


Sorry to hear about that Mary. Hope that you get things sorted.
Best wishes


ah, Mary, I am so sorry for your travails. Amen to all of the suggestions above. And I can join you in chipmunk land. I've also got a swollen face courtesy of dental surgery.
Get some rest. A restored house (and a normal sized cheek) await you shortly.

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