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August 28, 2005



Ahhh well, here goes nuthin'

Sarah Hb

Have a great time on holiday!

Glad the flat is drying out.


Have a great holiday. I hope I'm not the 500th, I've been destashing! I also hope the little woolly presents aren't the water damaged stash ;)



Pick me pick me!....I feel like the pig in the Shrek dvd. Actually all I wanted to say was have a good time and get well soon.


Um...I just wanted to wish you well, and I was also a little curious as to if you received the package that was in the envelope; I was a little concerned about the shipping costs (too low?). If I'm the lucky number, pretend I'm not and gift someone else because I'm all about spoiling you. And you know, admitting who I am because I saw we can reveal whenever we want. I hope your trip was grand, and that you're feeling better.


I am glad you are going away on a little break, honey you need it! Hope when you get back all is snug and dry and cheery. And that your mumps have gone!


Have a great holiday


Hey, have a fantastic time while you are away and I shall look forward to seeing you when you are back, it's been far too long. A.x


Enjoy the break. You deserve it after all the drama of last week.


Hi There
Have a great holiday at Cornwall. cant wait to see the pictures of what ur secret pal sent



oooo - cornwall! I just got back from the roseland peninsula - my first trip to cornwall. i have commpletely fallen in love with that place... hope you've had a lovely time!


Aaaah - Corwall is the most fab place. We go at least once a year to St Ives and are off in a couple of weeks for our anniversary. Can't wait!

the stripey tiger

How do you know how many comments you have had?? Does Typepad count them? Well done on 500! :-) Stripey

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