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August 15, 2005



The UK's in Phildar, it's under Great Britain.

Oh, and your parcel's in the mail, though I think I may send a little something else...


Here's the link to the place in Great Britain for you.



But what great music to have in your head while running! Your picture of a single repeat of River is better than any of the pictures in the book. Bianca is calling me as well, but in a bright pink or blue (mainly because that's what's in stash.)


I got my Philars from Strands, which reminds me that I must ring and get the new one (love that jumper!) and the Familie one that is also in English and had a few nice things in it!



Oh darn and drat. River looks GORGEOUS. I promised myself I wouldn't start any new projects till I'd finished some current ones but now it looks like I will HAVE to. Did you use the 7mm needles by the way or another size?

Now where I did hide my Cherry Tree yarn when I had a yarn sort out the other day....


it's royaume uni! i love that top as well - it's on my list already.


Doesn't River look nice in CTH laceweight? KSH might look lovely and floaty, but it's a pain to knit with!

dawn off to look at the phildar site!


Running? Did I read running? At 6.15 in the morning. Are you mad woman? Knit socks...plenty of exercise. Seriously though, I am impressed. I love River in the CTH, wow!


Ummmm, guess what? There's a River KAL on http://savannahchik.typepad.com/knitting . Thought that you might like to know - you know how much I liked River.....

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