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August 09, 2005



Lovely Edgy scarfy capelet, and I've eaten dozens of those chocolate coated coffee beans. They are addictive, I'm sure i knitted faster with all the extra caffeine pumping round inside too! Sorry about your sock, it was looking wonderful.


The edging on the scarfy capelet is beautiful. I can imagine how soft it feels with the angora.

The Stitch Ya Neck Out exchange sounds fun. Too bad I missed out on this one...maybe next time.

Purly Whites

Bummer about the sock, but can I PLEASE be your knitter for SYNO? I love that silky wool and Branching Out would be fun to knit. I know I have no say in this, but you know, I thought I'd make a case. :)


Wow, I just love your scarfy capelet! There's been some lovely gifts on this exchange! What a great idea, giving someone the yarn and pattern - takes the stress out of deciding!!

My sockapal2za are done! Just need to take a photo. I'm having bloody terrible times with this celestial yarn - called running out of yarn at the toe...



Isn't it so annoying about the sock? But we live and learn eh! Have you made a decision yet? Creeper just talks to me. Although I will make River (though probably never wear it out) I might end up having to make Creeper. It reminds me of stuff I wore in the eighties - not sure if this is a good thing or not though :)


you're so right, the knitting blogging community is wonderful, i've 'met' some such wonderful people this way - and i love the way an old traditional craft comes head on with 21st century technology - wonderful!


I love the capelet. And the socks. So many exchanges, so little time...


i'm sorry to hear about the sock episode...but on a bright note that scarf is going to look just fantastic.

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