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August 04, 2005



Love the post. My mag turned up today and I didn't even do the prayer to the knitting god! I think this time of year is kinda weird knitting wise. You're not the only one suffering from projects gone bad!

I haven't looked at any of the projects you're thinking as I haven't opened the mag yet!!!! I'm savouring the moment :) But I think I might go for the new River shawl in my Cherry Tree Merino rather than Birch now that I've finally wound it up. It would be fab to start something now from the mag and I do so want a shawl. And I understand this one is rectangular - sounds good to me.


Hilarious post!


i do not know that i would trust that creeper fellow. Any project that throws in the big "hehe, i'm not a creep" and is partially designed by someone called Kid Acne has got to be a character to be avoided. Plus, his model looks slightly desperate and, well, strung out. What has driven her to such lengths? Although she truly does not look so angry as the Miss Marple model, i still think this one might spread its bat-wings and bite you in the neck.

Grain also gives me doubts. I am not convinced Grain wouldn't sag under his own weight when actually being worn. Maybe Grain only looks heavy and i am misjudging him, however.

Now River, on the other hand, well, i would believe anything that River told me. I lose all objectivity there.


I think Grain would drive you to cheat. ANd you don't want to be an adulteress, do you? But I do believe creeper and river would love you. You need to pick someone who will be faithful in the end, you know? And I don't think foggy panda would. He would cheat big time.


Great posting Mary, that has cheered me up!!


That is one brilliant post! I'd not had a very good day, and it really made me laugh, wondering where it was going. I should give River a go, Sheelagh says it is easy, and neither she nor I could cope with Birch.


I like the idea of knitting adultery.
There'll be people knitting big scarlet As soon. I'm sure we'll all have to do it, or nearly all of us.

But my mag is still on my doorstep back home so I'll reread your comments again when I've seen it.

Ta ra!


great post... river seems to be calling to a lot of people. and really. the panda? it has two faces?


Thats very funny. I'm still waiting for the mag, in Australia. AAHHH

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