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August 25, 2005



You'll have another bit of bad luck - your children are very likely to have caught it too!
Things can only get better!



So sorry to hear about your disaster but glad you're feeling better about things today. Dehumidifiers are wonderful things aren't they - as are husbands who work in the construction industry! Oh they do come in so useful Don't feel so bad about your neighbour downstairs. At least your DH can make sure everything gets fixed for him ok too.


Oh Mary, how terrible is that? I hope for a few scorching days to help dry everything out. I have done my fair share of floods and life does get back to normal. Don't give up on the yarn, or have you inventoried it for insurance?


Oh you POOR thing! What a week you have had! May things get better VERY quickly!

Virginia van Santen

you poor thing! Overwhelming, isn't it?


Oh sweetheart... Lots of hugs and sympathy coming your way.


oh lordy....is there anyway we can rewind a few days and then relive then....only with a couple of changes! sending lots of hugs!


oh I'm so sorry for your run of bad luck. You can always try and dry the yarn in the airing cupboard before you throw it away. All this is so upsetting. Hope you feel better.


I didn't know people even got mumps anymore! I hope it is not too miserable.

Things will get better for you. I know it! In the meantime keep your chin up and pretend- people don't usually notice if you're faking it!

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