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August 17, 2005



Isn't it lovely that River is just oh so patient. I've been oh so very good and not started it yet.....and thanks very much for the needle info!

Good idea re frogging the 4 ply for Bianca. I've so far avoided the forgotten WIPs syndrome by not taking them out of my knitting basket in the lounge. A couple have been in there for, ahem, a while, but are due to come out to play shortly. That's the plan anyway :)


Cor, I'd have texted him and told him to pick some up on the way home (and then knitted on River!). Don't all small children like plain pasta with a bit of butter and cheese?

Glad you've found the yarn for Bianca, nearly there! Soon we'll be seeing lots of Autumn knitting in blogland. I must go looking for kals....



I think Neil disappeared around 6 o'clock this morning. He said it was work, but I didn't really lift my head off the pillow to ask where. is there something I should know?!! Next thing it was 8.30, how I love school holidays. You have shamed me into dusting off my stepper now. We're going to have to work out this knitting while exercising thing. Yarn in a back pack, needles looped through wrist bands, pattern glued upside down on your tee-shirt for easy reference. Yes, I have it all planned!


What an annoying morning! At least when you do get to do some knitting you'll feel you've really deserved it. Have something unwanted to rip in matchmaker 4-ply too but not sure if I can be bothered....is a finished cardigan. Hmmmm.

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