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August 07, 2005



If it is any help. I did twenty rows of River last night in KSH. So far so good.... though it doesn't look a bit like the picture , i.e. the bit of the pattern you can see on the model's shoulder. I have come to the conclusion there is a border of some sort (?diagonal diamonds) before you get to the bit that looks like vertical columns. If not, well, I am way off...... Bianca was my second choice, I did the unbeaded version of Martha and that did not take too long, I was surprised.


aaaarrrrhhhh! you're so cruel! my mag is (hopefully) at work, but I won't be going in until tuesday. I popped into a yarn shop on holiday, and resisted even opening the rowan mag. Can't wait. Loved River.



Ok - I'll fess up! I like River so much I tried to vote more than once to swing the votes! Damn that Blogpoll thingy! Stopped me halfway through my crafty plan.


I like River too. I had three new mags waiting for me on Saturday.....oh joy!


I voted for River but really really want you to make Creeper so I can see what it really looks like!


River is lovely. Creeper is nicer and more of a risk. Bianca is too Martha like. I don't like Bianca all that much - although she may well look a lot nicer in another colour (is that me damning the grey??) and as for Analise - I am just not quite sure what it would like without the styling. But to me it sounds like Analise is the one that is lighting your fire...


Like Jill I also did about 20 rows of River but could not get on with knitting such fine yarn on 7mm needles - it's *very* loose, a real cobweb. I would try with an oddment of yarn and see what you think of the result. I have decided on a different stole pattern on finer needles, but you might get on better than I did! Could still do the little beaded fastener thing. I think you'd suit Analise but voted for Bianca!


i love bianca, but i think your heart is with analise.


e) all of the above? ;)

Me, I'm going for River, cos if I'm going to knit lace, I might as well jump in with both feet.




I vote for Bianca. I think that I will try knitting Bianca too. I just have to figure out what color I would like to use. I wonder if they will come out with any new Fall colors in this yarn.

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