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July 13, 2005



hmm... i am just a little freaked out. i started that exact same pattern, for the same reason, using those same needles, in Koigu last weekend. The only difference is that mine are a different color.


I love that koigu and the pattern. But that woman in the states is cash/cheque only! Wah! Those stand up boxes she has on there are amazing.


a draw full of beauty !
I don't want to worry you but wool m*ths can eat threw thin plastic ! Also keeping wool in plastic causes it to sweat. I prefer to stir the stash regularly,working on the theory that the little b*st***s don't like the light ! Keeping yarn/wool in old pillowcases works too,or boxes with good lids. If you must use plastic - I confess that some of my stash is plastic wrapped - heavy guage is better. Best of all is to be vigilent and wield the hoover regularly. My wool room = most hoovered room in my house.
Apparently living by the sea helps as they're not supposed to like the sea air !


I think Emma's right, I've never had a moth problem EVER! If you could see my yarn, it isn't in bags of any description although I try and keep alot of it in those big lidded and wheeled containers from the DIY place. Maybe they haven't heard about me or that Dorset is mothless, but I know that can't be. So answer is, move within sight and smell of the sea.


As big as sparrows? Surely not! What a lovely stash though - you look like a branch of Get Knitted.

PS. I love the shrug - they didn't show the back view in the magazine, did they? So pretty!


Moths...we've got loads at the moment. I won't read in bed, they seem to wait until only my light's on!
My second attempt at sockapaloozer socks has failed. I've cast on a plain brown pair meanwhile.



Hello again - you are permanently marked on my blog as a "good read" :)You would not have liked to live in Charlottes Pass (Snowy Mountains, NSW) when I was there during the Bogong Moth season - they hatch there, fly a few 100kms away to mate, and come back - TO DIE!!! And they were everywhere! I did laugh out loud though - I hate spiders with much the same toe curling passion. LOVE the Koigu - boy do I want some - no one stocks it in Australia so it will have to be online!


Mary my dear, at last I have found someone who shares my major moth phobia. Daryl was on permanent "moth alert" on holiday, jumping up to swat them at my every scream.
As for your Get Knitted expedition, it looks like you had a fabulous time - I want to go!!
Glad all your family are safe after 7/7.


that koigu is just heavenly - did you pick that up at get knitted? i tried the brittany's but being so short, they kept stabbing me in the palm of my hands. not so nice. if you can use them, they're yours.


So Mary is now a Get Knitted franchise... very handy.

The socks are coming on a treat. Your ones, that is. Mine haven't done anything since last week.

And as for moths... my old house overlooked a harbour and we had a serious moth problem. They've not found me here yet. I expect they're still making their way up the A303.


Oh My Goodness. Please say I am your sock pal. They are the most beautiful socks ever. I am off to fing that color koigu...must have some!


thanks for your comments on my socks! they are coming along. i am interested in hearing your impressions on the short brittany's if you ever feel so inclined.

you are right, this pattern works with the koigu. i do not know why, but it does.

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