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July 22, 2005



Any idea where you want to escape to? You have lead a nomadic existence, haven't you. Where do you feel your roots are - or are you not attached to anywhere specific? Is it the recent happenings in London that have made you want to leave, or was it on the cards anyway? Sorry, that is a load of questions, not really a comment!


That's quite a life you've been living. I find myself trying not to think about all the things I haven't and probably won't do. Respect you for doing all that.


wow! lots happening in the space of 10 years. I'm so glad you're not tagging anyone (me)!

Have a great holiday!



It was a long one wasn't it! I have one question though. What is Edamame? :)


Oohh I like the idea of climbing trees. People seem to have forgotten how to protest against things in this country (whatever one might be protesting against). Someone told me a few weeks ago that I look like Julie Andrews, as a Sound of Music expert, would you care to comment? A.x


Wow you sound really interesting! I would not fill that out as people would fall asleep!

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