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July 18, 2005



Hi Mary - thanks for the comments - I've tagged you - hope you don't mind


You good mother. The weekend was noisy and hot and you still went to the Country Show. We were going to go on Sunday but I saw the crowds when I ventured out on Saturday evening and Sunday was spent in the garden instead. You should tell Sam and Josie this to make absolutely sure that they properly appreciate you.


What a great photo of Sam - you should print it out and let him take it to school! My copy is sitting in the office ready for the holiday.

You should maybe set aside 30 mins a day (or every other day) to work on the blanket and start something else!

Which shawl are you working on? (or starting?)
You are spoilt for choice!



Well I was late to join the bandwagon, but last night I finished HP and the Sorcerer's Stone. I had bought the books a few years ago to read to my son, but he wasn't real interested. I decided to read them for myself, and guess who decides he wants to hear them? Yep, my son. He is enjoying the first one now!
So will the blanket be named...Voldemort when you are done?


I've been feeling like that about a certain project of mine too, it's GOT to be done today at the latest tomorrow. We can do it...well you can anyway! Whatever shawl you choose, that colour CTH will look wonderful. (Still trying to work out why I put it back, sob)

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