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July 29, 2005



The edging on the baby blanket was well worth the extra effort with the sari yarn. I haven't used it, but was planning to on a larger project. Thanks for the heads up.

SP Kids

For Josie
-Hi I'm your secret pal (kids). hope you enjoyed your break. I sent a e-greeting to your mums email (linked from this blog). hope you got it?
the email address I've used is my mums secret one that she uses to email the person she sends presents to.
I'm going away for a few days as well - I'll try to send you something whilst away.
Bye for now
SP (kids)


I'm sure the funky blanket will outweigh the memories of loud children. Esp at 3 in the morning when the well-behaved blanket is lifted off a screaming baby. There will only be a faint vision of five calm and collected angels.

Sarah HB

I have had the same problems with the sari silk.

It breaks, for no reason and is dirty. However, since it is handmade in Nepal, I suspect by drop spindle, I think that is just the nature of the beast!


now i can see why the blanket was such a feat of stamina... well done, that's a lot of moss stitch.

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