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July 11, 2005



So my keyboard is now full of drool!!

Sounds like a good day was had by all - looking forward to seeing the finished items


I think have the same colour Cherry Hill Laceweight merino as you - what shawl pattern are you going to use?


I had that laceweight merino in my sweaty palms at one point...how did I let it get away? Never mind it's gone to a good home. Won't we all have beautiful socks though, I think we've bought enough between us to clothe a small school.


wow! jill's just emailed me a picture of her stash, sans peace fleece, and now you! Look at that lovely sock yarn! I'm having trouble remembering what colours I bought, will have to blog!


WOW! I have only read about those yarns in magazines, and you have them all in one place at once. Isn't beautiful yarn amazing? It can be complete all by itself, without ever having been transformed into something else.


Fab,fab,fab !

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