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July 10, 2005



I really, really wanted to be there yesterday but I have enjoyed your post very much. Maybe we'll meet at GK the next time?


What a fantastic day, one I shall remember for a long time. Do you think Sue has got anything left ;)


who's the 4th blogger? There seemed to be an awful lot of cameras out there. I'm surpriesed we have any knitting friends willing to come along and be photographed!

A lovely day, but I won't be buying anything for a while now!


You all look so lovely and so very happy !
What did you buy ?


what an amazing looking day! i really want to go to a gk day now!


It looks like a great day. Next time, I promise!


Oh wow. That place looks amazing...


Looks like great fun - did you walk away empty handed though? (I'd be surprised if any knitter could - what a treasure trove!)

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Considering buying a roll of batting.

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