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July 20, 2005



That yarn is such a beautiful colour, can't wait to see some knitted up


Northern Lights knits up wonderfully. I love Cherry Tree yarns and the way they knit up.


Having seen Northern lights fairly often, I'd say it's pretty close to the real thing (as close as you can get when you're playing with yarn). According to my father, you can "hear" the Northern lights, but try as I might, the "sounds similar to a zipper" have eluded me thus far. But I still try to hear them. But if you're knitting with metal needles, I'll know what that sounds like!


Gorgeous colour! I think the mountain method should definitely catch on - looks less like scary Maths!


I can't wait to see how it's progressing! THis isn't the colour I bought as well, is it?
Fingers crossed that you finish the blanket in time!


Just had a look at the Stonington Shawl pattern. I like it, but don't fancy all that garter stitch.......I've got Dewberry - a bit darker than yours!


I love that colorway. I have some in the Glitter Alpaca but I haven't done anything with it. I'll be watching to see how yours knits up!

Miss Twiss

The colours are right on for the Northern Lights. They dance in the sky like spirits. You must be north of the 49th parallel to see them (Canada is pretty good for it)
Beautiful yarn, by the way.


I like the mountain system -- much more poetic than yards or meters, even if you spell it metres, which makes it sound very European (to me). I had to Google "650m above sea level" to find where I am in my current project, but Perugia's not so bad, eh?

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