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June 19, 2005



We've been coveting storms and flash floods too! Really sticky here at the moment. We have the windows and the balcony door open but we had squirrel visitors the other morning (running around the flat, yuck!), so we have to close the door at night. Isn't it lovely that your sp5 has taken the trouble to send you local stuff? And that wool is gorgeous - any ideas? (Or is it too hot to think of wool!)


That merino wool is gorgeous! I love the colours. :)


Lovely package you have there. Hope the bath makes you cooler, it made my red bits caught by the sun feel like fire!


Beautiful goodies! Canadians rock. don't wish for a storm, chica, it might come back to haunt you, take it from one who knows from storms... btw, it's over 100 degrees farenheit here with the humidity added to the temp. just thought you could use some wilted solidarity.
no hugs, it's too hot, mwah!


That yarn is divine. You're got a wonderful pal.


that yarn is yummy... better not show it to Amelia... it might be hot, but those are *her* favourite colours!


Polly knows me too well... I so was going to email you to tell you that it had my name on it. When you do find out who the lovely secret pal is, let me know. I need some of that. Please bring it along on Thursday so I can have a good stroke... I remember sleeping on my balcony when I was a child. Last night, I was thinking of doing it again!


'Lo, it's me. I'm glad everyone likes your yarn, I hope you get some good use out of it. I love how soft it is.

I've checked my e-mail and haven't received a note from you yet. I'm going to try to send you a note and perhaps replying will be the way to go? It's worth a shot anyway.


What a great package! You have a great SP.

I love the heat! I moved to North Carolina from Buffalo New York and I will take a heat index over a wind chill factor any day!!

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