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June 28, 2005



sounds like a brilliant roughing it holiday, and you were lucky wiht the weather! I hate cliffs too - how do you know that there's not an overhang about to drop off? Where we go (mudeford/hengistbury head) there's big notices about keeping clear, and I don't even walk near the cliff down below in case someone falls over!
Dawn the paranoid. Looking forward to my slumming it holiday!


I think I would rather have stayed at home - my spirit of adventure has long got up and gone......I did go camping once with the Girl Guides, never again.....we did do an awful lot of caravans and trailers though!


Had I known I would have come out in my car and lent you some tent pegs! Next time you're down this way, I'll give you my telephone number just in case you forget anything!

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