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June 15, 2005



It's beautiful and that's one heck of a lot of stitches to pick up around the edge but you did it. Well done. I'm with you on the Post Office bit, mine is still sat here wondering if it should go outside in all this yucky wet, cold weather when it could stay at home all snug and warm.


Mary, it's beautiful... why is it that I see everything you've made, and want to make it myself? Mitred squares, Gemma, your lovely socks, and now this! You make me want to go wool shopping when I have neither the time or the money...


It's looking good, are you happy with the size?


That scarf is fantastic! I hope your sprain is healing quickly and everything's going well out there in GBR.


It looks great! It's a bit like knitting a mini shawl, with that yardage, or half a jumper. I'm tempted to hunt for my kaalund laceweight now. Hope the hand's better. I empathise with you about the post office run, i've been known to hold out for weeks!


Your scarf is absolutely beautiful! =o) I love it! Is this Kristine's personal pattern that can be purchased from her?


That is really lovely Mary - very barklike ! I've never used that yarn but it looks great. Is it as soft as it appears in the pictures ?


Oh that's lovely. So frilly and pretty!


Ohhhh, it is very nice indeed - and I love the colours. I'd love to get a sneak peek at the pattern next time you are around. I love the way that its shape changes depending on how you wear it, your recipient will be one lucky girl...


That is a lovely scarf! I think I need the written out pattern....:) So frilly and girly!

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