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June 17, 2005



I LOVE your banner, it's so fitting.


You are very welcome! Good luck with the meal tonight, it sounds delicious. As for the slumber party, did you manage to knit ear muffs for all not involved? At least they'll sleep Sunday night! Have a great weekend even if you don't manage a few minutes to yourself.


Love the banner, it goes really well with your blog - Tracy needs to collect orders I think!
Good luck with the sleepover. Eight girls, the hottest w/end of the year - you'll have loads of fun!



Your banner is beautiful! Tracy made mine for me as well!


Your banner is lovely... I need to do something about mine. NY now seems inappropriate - maybe I need to try to get the London skyline from Primrose Hill... I hate hangovers but they are worse when you have loads to do the next day. You'd think we'd have learnt by now!


Did you all survive? It was unberably hot here, not a good night for a sleep-over....Never mind, it's all over now - until next year.....


I love your banner - do you think Queenie does a bit of knitting herself?


Great new banner - and love your edgy from the previous post. Hope you survived the slumber party. Sounds like London is all hot and sticky right now!


I guess everyone loves it- I do too! Tres chic!!

Oh, why do you need goals anyways? Life is to short to put pressure on yourself. Just knit what you want!!

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