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June 05, 2005



Happy Birthday Josie!

Brooke has one of those Bratz dolls heads, its a bit like the Girls World that I used to have only scarier. I'm not sure if Josie's is the same one but I only just noticed the CLEAVAGE on our one the other night and now it freaks me out every time I look at it! They are scary scary dolls..


Happy birthday to Josie! Lots of great presents there! The cake looks delicious too! And a slumber party! (That surely is a girlie word). I don't relish your day tomorrow!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSIE!!! Let me see if if I can find something to send belatedly.. Gotta give a person a little warning, chica...
and Sam is gonna hate this but he is really, really good looking. Shhhh, don't tell him...
good luck on the (NON)sleep over...I think I'll enclose some dark chocolate covered espresso beans for you for the morning after.


Oh what fun! Birthdays ROCK. I hope you survive the slumber party OK. And I agree with the previous poster, your son is handsome!


Happy birthday Josie! If there's any cake left over, let me know... Sometimes there are just things that are more important than knitting. Although it sounds as though you may need your knitting after the slumber party :)


I think you need to knit ear muffs quick! Happy Birthday Josie.


I hope you have all survived...... thank heavens they weren't around when my lot were that age. I know the Bratz things.....prefer Barbie myself, and at one time I thought that was bad enough. Cake looks good!


Happy birthday to Josie!!

Are yoou bringing left over cake to share on thursday? hope the slumber party was ok...and you got some sleep


Hope you survive the slumber party - a bottle of wine or two are probably required!!


Happy Birthday to Josie - hope the slimber party was fun :) My son is into Warhammer too - big time. Somehow I have gotten talked in to going to the HQ (read huge shop) in Nottingham when we are home. Sigh - it seems like the only thing he is looking forward to this year. He was really tickled to see the photo on your blog of your son with warhammer by the way.

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