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June 14, 2005



Ahhhh, I wish, wish I could come. Especially as it is the day after my birthday. But I will be in North Wales and it seems a slightly unrealistic distance to travel. Are you taking orders?


I'd love to come! Count me in...


ouch, a bus-related injury. i bought a lovely necklace at the market, and partook of a little KIP-ing, but it was getting chilly by the afternoon despite the promising morning. i wish i could come on the 9th but have two invitations - neither of which i REALLY want to accept, but both of which i SHOULD - for the same day.


I'm doing my best, got the AA route map out today (4 pages long....yikes)Glad your wrist is on the mend.


Have you seen Get Knitted are on the latest edition of Knitcast?
I'm still not sure if I can come or not, but the tickets are only £20 or £30 so might book up with you anyway. To compound things, C's dad is ill now!

Glad to hear your wrist is on the mend - a bit of a tricky injury for us knitters!


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