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May 08, 2005



You can do it, you're nearly there! Go look at Tracy's for motivation! Get a good book, prop it open and read, nothing better for stocking stitch.

Then you can play with some of your new stash.



Come on now, you're nearly there! I wish I was closer and I would come in make you a pot of tea, sit you down in a corner and stand over you until you finished! You are so close, put that sleeve on your arm now and see how little you have left! I'm waiting.....there you go, an evening and it'll all be over (then you can come and stand over me and make me finish mine....)


Followed your link from Annie's blog, that black hole thing again. I love your Retro Rib socks! And those mitered sqaures, I am assuming blanket? I love the colors in that. Happy Knitting.


You're welcome, chica! glad you enjoyed the goodies.

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