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May 27, 2005



edgy looks interesting, and I haven't a clue. Love the yarn and that shade. I have some laceweight in the stash.

I like the contrast between sleeves and body, but each to their own. I've only spotted yours and tracy's jumpers - I wonder if anyone else is knitting this?



Now you have pointed out, I see what you mean about it looking a bit like a vest with sleeves - I wouldn't have noticed otherwise....But you look good in it, and what's wrong with a vest with sleeves anyway?

Dawn, I seem to remember Sissel on the rowan board posting a picture of an incomplete Gemma, in very subtle urban colourways - grey and brown?


Mary, your Gemma is gorgeous. She really seemed to be enjoying the trip to Cambridge:)

Jill, I just finished my Gemma yesterday. New picture will be up soon. It is brown and blue. I did the body flat with two balls of 4ply. There were less than 10 ends to sew in on each piece.


I like the colours that you've chosen for your Gemma. It suits your colouring. I think the charm of gemma is the vest with sleeves look.


Your Gemma is lovely - I don't think it looks too vest-with-sleevesy! Now I want mine done right now!


I missed the opening of Big Brother, arghhh! I know what you mean about the colours making Gemma look the way it does, you can almost see the designer thinking "I can't be bothered to knit that all the way up the sleeve too, I'll settle for a bit round the cuffs instead." ;)But like everyone points out, it looks fine, we'll wear her with pride!

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