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May 13, 2005



Hi, hope your cold is better? I can only come up with a 10 and a half year old grand-daughter who takes a size 7 shoe, and is taller than me...I'm about five foot four....But her father is six feet four, and her mother a good five foot ten. Her youngr sister is the smallest in the class - we reckon the oldest one got all the tall genes....


Looks like the men in your life will be sharing socks! Maybe you could encourage them to wear dk socks? I knit for my friend's daughters, 15 and 18 yo, and guess what, they have TINY, NARROW feet! Something ridiculous like size 1 1/2! And the narrowest fitting! And skinny legs! Would you like their names and addresses?


Wow. Don't they grow fast. It's so amazing - I have a friend whose six year old daughter can wear my shoes! (Still shocking even if I am nearly a foot shorter than you!)


hee. Something is on the way already to solve the problem...


A machine for making socks... maybe you could do giant french knitting on a giant cotton reel. Or even better... get them to make their own. If they make surplus sock stock, you could sell it and laze about eating chocolates all day while your kids keep the cottage industry going. Is this why you teach children to knit, just out of interest?


i've been thinking that such a machine must exist and seeing your post motivated me to do a google search. what an amazing looking machine!


Mary, I am happy to hear you are willing to help out with the Hourglass KAL blog. Send me an email for more details. Kelly

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