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May 11, 2005



Mary, we missed you last night! Sorry to hear you are poorly. You bad girl, now I want sock yarn like yours... As if me catching the Mitred Squares bug wasnt bad enough. Get well soon, and make sure you put your feet up and do lots of knitting!


Get well soon! Good girl for finishing, it was the threat of my tea making wasn't it?


Does that mean we shan't see you at Libertys tomorrow? Hope you feel better soon, or at least well enough to knit.....


gemma's looking very pretty, can't wait to see her all pieced together. And you are very brave to tackle the Viennese shrug. The lace looks daunting. Hope the cold leaves soon! feel better...


You only cast on one new item per finished/almost finished item? I seem to do two and it helps to have lots of needles.
I hope you're feeling better and manage to hover at that point where you stay in bed but are not reallly unwell.


Oooh I like Gemma! And the shrug, must dig out the pattern. If I get to liberys tomorrow I'll show you the two stranded provisional cast on - you'll kick yourself, it's the easiest and the quickest method!



get well soon and sew up gemma, it should look lovely on you


I hope you feel better real soon! Looking forward to seeing your finished Gemma...


cant wait to see Gemma finished i've been eyeing up this pattern since the mag came out


Gemma looks lovely, can;t wait to see her all finished up!

And that yarn... drooling!!

Hope this finds you feeling better!!


what beautiful colors. love all you projects. you've got a flare for color!


I am dying to see Gemma all finished...seeing it in person has had me thinking about it. So I may have to make it. When, I do not know, but hoping a lovely pic of you in it will push me into gear!

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