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May 25, 2005



aaaahhh. I was about 7 when we did knitting at school. I thought I'd be Top Dog, as I already knew how to knit, but I was the slowest and my knitting had the most dropped sts. It was only later that I realised the rest of the class were at least 2 yrs older than me and had better motor skills, but at the time I was sorely disappointed. It was a bright green square(ish)


What a great club! I love the bright pink yarn, had just the same thing with the Girls Brigade last year.


My first choice of yarn was a very lurid orange acrylic knitted on some little red needles. I remember joining in some stunning purple yarn for contrast and having a large hole suddenly appear on one side. I didn't care though, I would sew that up later! How times change. Well done with teaching a new generation.


I'm pretty sure my first yarn choice was a purple and white ombre, acrylic naturally. I remember thinking it was THE ONLY yarn I wanted at the time.


Lovely to see the club in action! Even more determined now to get something up and running. I think realistically I will have to look at doing all the planning and contacting the schools now with a view to beginning the clubs in September - which is a bit disappointing but I think practical given the time of year.
Love reading the rest of your blog as well! I could easily spend all day doing the knitting blogs circuit!!!


Re Tracy's comment... I still take the 'will sew that hole up later' approach. I wondered why my work doesn't look like other people's.
Can I join your starter knitting group, Mary? I already know how to purl.

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