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May 22, 2005


Carol Glasstone

Cool - what fun! It looks like Gemma had a lovely day out.


I love the comment about 100's of roses... Does one get to meet Gemma some time soon and admire? My best travelled piece is actually the sweater that Jacqui made me which went to Austrlia and Egypt! A. x


Lovely photos of you and Gemma! Look at the colour of that grass too, I'm going to take a screen shot and take it ouside to show my lawn what it should be doing at the moment. As for my knits, well they took a hot 60 degree wash for an hour and a half and then spent the next 45 minutes whizzing round and round inside the tumble dryer to make sure they'd shrunk enough. Yours definitely had the better deal!


gorgeous photos. what a day!


congrats on Gemma - she looks fantastic.


Gemma certainly suits the scenery! Did you notice envious glances? My family live in Cambs and many a Saturday afternoon was spent window shopping in Cambridge (in the early/mid seventies, when biba was still around)


Beautiful! Gemma is one lucky sweater.

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