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May 06, 2005



Calmer is probably my favourite yarn at the moment. I love the way it feels when knitted up. I think I'm going to have to buy The Calmer Collection for some more ideas. By the way, I said it would all go wrong though didn't I? I thought I'd wash the shower curtain and I've managed to pull the whole contraption/rail thing off the wall. It won't go back together again, even with Superglue!


Can't wait to see Gemma. I also can't believe you've not started anything else yet! So restrained. Yes, knit one of the shrugs, it will be a very quick knit for you - I'm sorry that I missed your stash show at libertys the other week!


I really like the Isis shrug from Interweave. It's definitely on my list. But I'm not sure about the ties. I've not used Calmer. It's very lightweight isn't it?


I'm still a little iffy on the Calmer, but that could be because of my Audrey boredom and pain. Glad you enjoyed the movie - I'm thinking about seeing it just to relive my childhood a bit.(Also, your comment about the movie being as long as your sock is just a little Douglas Adams-ish, isn't it?)

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