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April 02, 2005



Loved looking at your stash, and drooling over the pink rowan 4 ply in particular. Now then, I need to get me a chest.......

Fran (again)

Sorry, forgot to say that I'm putting you on my site today as blog of the day. I will be peeking into that chest again...and again


love looking at the stash, and you keep it so tidy! I also have a fear of moths - we get loads of flying things in the summer (last summer I kept finding dead wasps in my bedside light) as we have to have the doors and windows open to survive the heat.


It all looks so tidy and under control! Where is the chest kept? Mine is in 4 of those rectangular zip-up blanket bags things (Ikea) - two of those round nylon pop-up containers the size of dustbins - and I think four large bin-bags in the attic. Needles fill up a drawer in the old=fashioned dresser in the dining room.


I love it when we think we've got out all our stash, take the photos and then think, Oh and there's the box in the so and so and I didn't think about the whatsit in the thingymajig!


Oh....that's some nice stash there!!!

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