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April 29, 2005



Ok...you may have another hooked on the squares. I am going to break out some cotton and try one today....I would love to make a blanket out of them.


What are you knitting though? Is it a blanket, or are you just playing around with the squares? You could put out a general request to the local knitters to donate small amounts of dk cotton, much cheaper! It looks good though! Have you looked at viv hoxbro's kits. She has a wonderful one called kimono (yvonne has the kit) which if mitred squares.


OH NO - more things to be addicted to? MUST resist until current WIP, a Father's Day gift, is complete, but og boy they look wonderful!!!


I bought an Afghan book on Thursday and am in the process of going through my stash to come up with various colour combinations. I have an old chair in my porch which is crying out to have one draped over it. At the moment, I've found a load of pastel green cotton which would be rather nice, I need a bit of peach too, haven't got any of that, but guess what I shall be doing with my credit card very shortly....


So it was YOU that blogged about those damn squares?
I couldn't remember who had mentioned them , i went for a look and was instantly captured by the idea!
Im not that good when it comes to colour but I am taking it slow and steady and can see an heirloom in the making!


Want all my cotton dk bits? Hmm? :)

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