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March 21, 2005



Love the buttonhole bag!


Gemma looks fine to me and there was I thinking you had major problems. I'm looking forward to getting mine now, you'll soon be finished and parading around. Maybe you could have a little weekend in the Peak District with just the family and Gemma of course. You can always rely on kids to bog it all up!


Love the bag. You're still doing Gemma in the round, right? Once it's done, the whole body is done! You could always do the other sleeve I suppose, then it's just the edging and it's finished.
It's horrible being stuck in London on warm days (unless you live next door to a large park). We have as much fun in Putney.


Gemma is looking awesome! Keep plodding away - I'm doing a double rib cardi for my 6yo on 3.75mm needles ATM so I know how you feel. ;-) The buttonhole bag is beautiful too - you've inspired me..

Mason-Dixon Ann

I love how tweedy that buttonhole bag turned out! Unprecedented! Totally different look! Bravo!

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