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March 15, 2005



You are a good girl. It's so weird how sometimes we are drawn to a colour and after putting in so much hard work, put it on to find yuck. I've done it so many times now. I found myself in my lys the other day, holding up a ball of yarn to my face whilst looking in a tiny mirror only big enough to show my nose, just to see if the colour was me or not. I'm sure the felting will be great fun though!


Oh, such a shame to rip out all that lovely Silk Garden. Let me know if you want to trade it for something, I think its a beautiful colourway and I've been thinking about Silk garden for a while now..


You are brave! I'm not sure how silk garden felts - I know that kureyon does, how does the silk affect the felting? Aren't men considerate? When I had a cold a few weeks ago, I realised (took me a few days to notice) that chris was holding his breath every time I went close to him.


Hi Mary
Thanks for visiting my blog. How are you finding typepad? What made you move?
I also have a jumper in the cupboard waiting to be ripped up and enjoy a new life as something. It is beige Wool Cotton and the jumper belongs to my husband. I think he only wore it twice.
Have fun looking at all the patterns. I think the choosing is also great fun.


Hi mary,
Hope your on the mend soon.


Rock on with the ripping! And another Klaralund bites the dust.

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