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March 30, 2005



I know I have read a lot about different restaurants there that are supposed to be great. I haven't been there in a while so I can't help, but if I find info I will pass it along!!
I do know there are supposed to be some great yarn shops around there!!


All you need to do is cross the river to ALexandria and give Kristine (from Knit Happens) a hug from the LIberty girls. Promise you, you won't regret it.

secret pal

While you're in old town Alexadria, VA, check out the Torpedo Factory. it's a renovated torpedo factory made up into all sorts of little shops including one selling independent local fiber artists' works. and the best part? they usually have a basket toward the back of hand-dyed, handspun yarn the weavers and knitters didn't use and are therefore selling off...
Enjoy your trip!
yr Secret Pal


Mary you have got to do as Polly said and take the short train over to Alexandria (such a beautiful place) and visit Knit Happens, they will make you feel like a long lost friend, I shall tell Kristine to await you. Beware you will not be able to resist the urge to add greatly to your stash, I should know!!!!


That's going to be wonderful, I wonder if my parents want to emigrate.......???


Yes, you must go to Knit Happens - give Kristine a hug from me and congratulate her on her victory over the local council. You can read all about this on her personal blog. digital yarn, all the shop opening hours/days are at knit happens.

Have a great trip! take an empty suitcase or two.....

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